Today I prepare to lead worship at the Christian Community Development Association Conference.  It’s going to be a busy week.  I’ll be: 1) singing, 2) leading, 3) playing keyboard 2, 4) presenting a workshop on Worship and Reconciliation, 5) representing my turf, Durham.

My final preparations include:

  • finishing programming my keyboard (my precious baby the Korg Kronos X)
  • inputing set lists onto keyboard
  • making rehearsal schedule for our dress rehearsal tomorrow
  • finalizing my outfits (I am inspired by my Asian-American youTube culture-makers, especially clothesencounters, frmheadtotoe, and clairemarshall)
  • packing
  • cleaning the house for the in-laws (thanks to them for providing childcare!)
  • practicing music from memory
  • preparing my workshop with my Menders fam (Mending the Breach: Community through Worship and Reconciliation)
  • praying, praying, praying
  • laundry
  • getting my cuddles in with the kids

To be honest, I’m just a tad bit stressed!  Is it just me or am I doing lots and lots of work?  It’s been my dream to be playing and singing with professionals, to be the “worst” one.  It’s motivating and stimulating.  I’m over the hump of feeling overwhelmed by the stress.  I’m just ready to go and praise the Lord with other like-minded folk!

I’m mostly excited about everything God is going to do at this conference.  The content of the plenary sessions is rich, heavy-hitting, and intense.  The first session (spoiler alert) dives head first into lament.  I’m so grateful for the messages and the people and the beauty of it all.

In preparation for this I’ve been reading a lot of the Psalms: songs of joy and grief, pain and healing, crying and laughing like a sprite in the woods.  It’s been a huge blessing.  I can’t wait to see my local peeps up there, sharing their experiences of how the Lord is making their communities flourish and how they get to be on the front lines of the action.

Are you ready???

I hope to blog a little at the conference if I’m not too tired, but definitely a post coming afterwards!

Happy day, fam.