So far, I’ve written about worship experiences I’ve been shaped by and a basic theological intro to reconciliation.  I’m overwhelmed by the response to these introductory entries, so thank you so much for reading!  I look forward to expanding more on the intersection of these, but before that I want to tell you about an important piece of this equation, possibly the most important:  Identity.
Who did God create you to be, and how is God connecting those gifts within you to flourish?
As a worship leader focused on reconciliation as expressed through worship, it’s my job to draw out the unique gifts of the people around me through relationship and increasing vulnerability with one another.  When we encourage people to flourish as God created them, God the Creator is worshiped!
And I’ve found that I can authentically do this if I start with identifying the specific gifts within myself.
Discovering my own identity has been an important journey for me, as I wonder why most prominent worship leaders that come to mind look like the total opposite of me!  I can be tempted to think that I don’t belong to the club, or that only certain types of people can “make it” as a worship leader.  I can be tempted to try to be something I’m not.  But in reflecting upon the Revelations passage about God displaying the glory of all nations, I am inspired to imagine how God uniquely created us to show off His handiwork.  Each gift that I discover in me allows me to be more authentically represented in the displaying of God’s glory.  Exciting!
So here’s some of what I bring to the table, in no particular order:
  1. Female
  2. Asian-American (Korean)
  3. Mom to two fabulous boys
  4. Wife
  5. Musician – I play the keys and I sing.  Sometimes guitar if I get ambitious about practicing.
  6. Music therapist – can’t wait to share with you how being a board-certified music therapist primed me for a career in leading worship!
  7. Extrovert – I love people and I want to meet all of them!
  8. Leader
To be honest, it’s taken me a long time to admit that the qualities on this list were actually gifts.  What’s so special about all of this?  Aren’t some of these deficits, even?  But this work has been so transformative, once I learned to lean into it.
I hope that we can share these discoveries with each other and that this grows our love and worship of God infinitely deeper.