Moving forces change, which is what I learned by moving to Chicago two years ago.  The only thing that was the same was the way my Costco looked.  Everything else – grocery stores to banks to routes to transportation to parking (parking is stressful in itself in the city) was so different.  Moving is so, so hard.  Did you know that moving is rated as more stressful than divorce?  It disrupts your matrix of safety.  I have to name that I am privileged enough to have the resources to move, and because of my economic class and status, I do not suffer the health consequences of moving as much as others.


And yet, by forcing change, we get out of our comfort zone and explore new ways of being.  We actually have a great opportunity to create and be innovative.  Maybe we aren’t supposed to always be in a matrix of safety.  We have a chance to hear from God about new unforced rhythms of grace.  The early Christians were fairly nomadic people, finding ways to escape persecution or judgment for being a radical little crew of misfits who believed that Jesus was the son of God.  God told numerous people to move, like Abraham and Moses, without any guarantee of the timing of their safety, home, comforts, or predictability.  I mean, at least my Costco and Chipotle look the same.  I’m not comparing my move to anything on the scale of Biblical times, but finding new ways of transportation, parking, driving, banking, dry cleaning, grocery shopping, eating, child-rearing, working, church-ing, relating… was very overwhelming.  (Hint: people in Chicago don’t “hang out,” they go to “events.”)


Sanity has been in the form of Morning Pages, contemplative prayer, and lots of podcasts (right now I’m on a KICK of listening to ones about women and men working together).  And two years later, it’s time to move and pivot again.  But this time, back to Durham, where we still have our house. I don’t expect to move back to comfort and safety, although I am very much looking forward to parking pretty much everywhere.  Durham has changed.  My friends have changed, and there are even more friends to be made.  Again, new unforced rhythms of grace will be emerging, especially because….


I’m going to be a student again!  It’s been lots of years since I graduated college, and I barely graduated at that.  But I felt a heart-tugging, like God was telling me that I needed to study God a lot more.  Maybe I wasn’t “getting it” enough.  Miraculously, I got accepted to Duke Divinity School, where I’ll be earning my MDiv starting Fall of 2018!



When are you leaving Chicago?

Timeline: In just two short weeks, right after Daystar school ends on June 15, and right after the Kendrick Lamar/SZA concert, because I had to squeeze that in before we left.  I’ll be working at Willow Chicago right up to the 17th.  Chicagoans, you know I’m making plans to give all of you hugs before I leave.


Where are you living until you move?

After a combo of an Airbnb that made our family sick, making us stay at hotels every weekend, I found a little haven of sanity in the chaos.  I have an angel of a friend who lives two floors above our old apartment.  It’s basically a penthouse suite with an enormous patio for rooftop morning pages and prayer (if you’ve seen my IG Story, you know how amazing this place is). She’s a single, high-powered business mom of a 5-year old boy, and the most organized and innovative person I know.  I try to keep the place as clean as I can, and I’m grateful that she’s shown me grace in that!  We organize our calendars and grocery lists, help make food and feed the kids, and take turns putting the kids down to bed.  The kids love playing with each other every day and get a slumber party every night.  I’m no Mormon, but I can understand how sister wives co-habitate so well (you know, besides the one husband thing).  I can’t believe how good we have it!


What are you studying at Duke?

I’ll be doing a Masters of Divinity, and that’s about all I can say for right now.  I’d love to dive into worship or arts and theology studies as a focus right away, but honestly I have heard of people crumbling with Greek.  I hear it’s pretty much an all-consuming, mind-crushing endeavor to learn Greek.  I see Greek looming on the horizon, enough to make me shake in my stilettos.  So I’m going to ease into all of this and see where it goes.  I really miss leading worship and doing Christian Community organizing work, but more on that later.


Why Duke?

So glad you asked!  In my next post, I’m going to give you the application essay that got me in.  It explains pretty much everything.



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