Welcome to the first Music Monday!

Summer can be all about fun in the sun with popsicles dripping down your fingers, but it can also be a time of transitions.  There’s a lot of moving – moving homes, cities, schools, jobs- that happens in the summer.  Or perhaps there are new things moving into and out of your life.  After I moved back to Durham, I went through a time of overall “funk.”  I was trying to figure out a new schedule amidst the piles of boxes and paint cans.  I started to miss Chicago a lot.  And then I remembered that transitions are the processes and closures that must fully happen before moving on.

In line with this, I’m starting off this series with music for those times in-between the past and the present.  We start out with a song that’s a whisper, then a haunting song about forgiveness, and we end with a burst of praise and assurance with lots of instrumentation and energy.  You’ll need to scroll down to the end to hear about a giveaway AND a link to all of these songs on spotify!

Let us begin…

Moda Spira – “She Whispers”

I’ve known Latifah Alattas for a few years now, and she’s a creative work horse and musical force to be reckoned with.  I did a songwriting retreat at her house, where I did some writing, producing, and arranging.  She’s a chick who knows gear, and that is super rare!  She’s mostly known for her band Page CXVI dedicated to recording hymns and new hymns.

Tifah’s self-titled solo album under her name Moda Spira is heartfelt, heartbreaking, and heart-hopeful.  “She Whispers” is a song about knowing what’s true, to your core, when things are burning down around you.  She wrote, recorded, performed, and produced it herself.  Oh, and she also made a music video.  I told you she was a creative force!

Genre: Alt-Pop; Singer-Songwriter

Themes: identity, hope, encouragement


SueAnn Shiah – “Come Ye Sinners”

I’ve also known SueAnn for a few years, but I actually never knew her for her music.  She is a talented writer, speaker, and Christian thought leader in many ways.  And then out pops this album that she casually mentioned in a text thread.  Um, what??

This whole album is great if you grew up listening to hymns but want to experience them in a fresh way, or if you want to learn old hymns.  SueAnn’s Nashville influence really comes out with her simple folksy arrangement of voice and ethereal electric guitar in this one.

Genre: Folk, Hymns

Themes: repentance, healing, Jesus, forgiveness


Jonathan McReynolds – “Not Lucky, I’m Loved”

My friend Tiffany put this song on repeat for her son’s birthday party and ever since then I haven’t been able to get it out of my head.  This upbeat song is a reminder that everything happens in life with purpose and meaning, not just by chance.  Jonathan McReynolds’ tenor voice is perfect on this one, and I can’t help but get my praise on for this one no matter what I’m going through.  If you watch the music video you’ll be surrounded by a cloud of witnesses who are all lip-syncing the song with you in it, along with Jonathan’s singing with the back drop of beautiful Chicago.

Genre: CCM Gospel

Themes: assurance, gratefulness, praise


I hope you enjoy these songs.  I’ve created a Spotify playlist where you can get the latest in Music Mondays.

Now for the Giveaway…

So, Moda Spira is the midst of a kickstarter campaign for her second album project, which is in itself about transitions. I cannot wait for this album to come out, because I love her music and I know I’ll learn so much through it.  Would you consider donating to keep her music alive?

And to add on to this, I’ve decided to do a give away 5 copies of Moda Spira’s first album that I’ll mail to you, for free! Here’s what to do:

  • Donate $1 or up to the kickstarter campaign for Moda Spira
  • Tell people on Twitter, Facebook, or your Instagram story that you read this post and tag me @angiekayhong and @modaspira

You’ll be entered in a drawing at the end of July. That’s it! You can do this! Go go go! And thank you.